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Vintage tea tin on a dark brown table

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It isn't easy to combine small business flexibility, family ethics and 50 years of experience, but that is what we do every day. We are the third generation of family-owned Teksan, a brother and sister team, working hard with our loyal employees to succeed in our clients' ever-demanding projects. Sometimes you will find us manufacturing a round tin for chocolate or candy and other times we are working on new toolings for a tea tin or a promotional tin for whiskey.

Teksan Teneke Kutu’nun abi kardeş olarak üçüncü neslini temsil eden Zeynep Aktaş ve Gökhan Aktaş işyerinde

Through out the years, we have expanded our capabilities to offer different services to our clients. As always, we like to have our personal touch on everything we do. Down below you will find some of the things we provide. Let us know if there is something else you need and we will do our best to help you out.

Visual appeal and luxury feel of decorative tins makes it's sales promoting effect much higher than any other type of packaging. That is why it is used for virtually any type of product out there. Here are some examples of our work in our main product groups.


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