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Teksan's old staff with founder Adem Aktas on production floor


Through out the years, we have expanded our capabilities to offer different services to our clients. As always, we like to have our personal touch on everything we do. Down below you will find some of the things we provide. Let us know if there is something else you need and we will do our best to help you out.


Four tin boxes on top of each other

The minimum quantities of tins are high for some people. If you are one of them, this one is for you. We have a small selection of items in stock. You can order as many as you want. You can even get them printed as well. Click away...


Teksan technician running lathe machine working on a tin can tooling

We have a wide variety of tins but "what is new?" is a question often asked to us. We can build new toolings for you. It can be something with custom dimensions, a different shape or even a totally new tin with totally new functionality. This isn't an easy thing to do but we like a good challenge. Share your ideas with us and we will be able to tell you how we can help.


Embossed Jack Daniel's logo on a tin box

Tinplate isn't a very easy material to work with. It reacts to everything you do. We use its ability to hold its shape to add depth to the design of your tin.  Embossing (and sometimes debossing) is a result of that and it will make a change.


Stack of pallets and cartons side by side in Teksan's warehouse

Being located in Istanbul puts us in the middle of major transportation lines and allows us to have flexible and economical options. Depending on the location, we can use sea, truck, rail or even air transport. In many cases, the optimal solution is a combination and the best thing is, you will have all these options in front you based on your budget and timing priorities.


Teksan's printers decorating tins on offset printing line

In our business, printing quality is a big part of the job. To ensure that we started printing our own tinplates in 1990 and haven't stopped since. Right now, with our two lines, we have enough capacity to take as much time as it takes to make sure that your colors are right. We only ask one thing from you. Please get our opinion before you finalize your designs. We promise that it will be worth it.


Teksan's hydraulic press forming boxes out of tinplate

Our production lines mainly consists of machines like presses and cutters. Due to the nature of our business, we are used to working on unique projects. If there are things you want produced from sheet metal, tinplate or not, let's talk. We might be able to help you with it.


Two round side-lock seamed and welded tin cans

These are the two types of side seams for tin bodies. Traditionally speaking welding is used for industrial tins and side lock seaming is used for decorative tins. We have both options available and use this to create really unique tins. 


Teksan Tin House's staff are working on a new tin can

Being in business for so long, working with a wide variety of products and having such talented and experienced staff helps us make sure that your project is a success. All you need tell us is what you want to achieve. We will sit down with you and your team and go over all the details from design to distribution.

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