Visual appeal and luxury feel of decorative tins makes it's sales promoting effect much higher than any other type of packaging. That is why it is used for virtually any type of product out there. Here are some examples of our work in our main product groups.


Our decorative tin business started with chocolate tins. And since then we have been producing many different shapes and sizes not only for chocolate but also for candies and cookies. They all have one thing in common, using tins to strengthen their brands.


Tins are used both for leaf and bagged teas. Tins ability to contain the tea without adding taste or scent makes it the perfect packaging. Also with air-resistant lids, herbal and flavored teas keep their aromas. Don't worry if you have a big selection. We can print multiple designs together to solve your quantity problems.


Coffee cans are a classic. At your shop, you can present your freshly ground coffee in tins to give your customers a unique experience. Or you can choose to stand out on the shelves of a supermarket. Just make sure that your designs tell your story and we will take care of the rest.


The luxuries feel of metal and its visual appeal makes it a great companion for cosmetics. Anywhere from gift sets of perfumes to individual soap tins, we can provide a solution for a wide variety of products. And with different printing effects that tin provides, your brand will be on top in this demanding market.


Put your high-end, high-quality beverage in an equally high-end, high-quality box. This is where the story behind your product comes to life. Besides the visual effects we can create, we also have different ways to keep your bottle safe and secure inside the tin. And once finished, you know that tin will be a collectors item.


Visual appeal of tin and it’s sales promoting effect is much higher than any other type of packaging. That is why it is used by many different businesses worldwide. And tin boxes are rarely thrown away which makes your branding much stronger.

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