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Teksan Tin House's old staff on a field trip


It isn't easy to combine small business flexibility, family ethics and 50 years of experience, but that is what we do every day. We are the third generation of family-owned Teksan, a brother and sister team, working hard with our loyal employees to succeed in our clients' ever-demanding projects. Sometimes you will find us manufacturing a round tin for chocolate or candy and other times we are working on new toolings for a tea tin or a promotional tin for whiskey. There are days we spend hours trying to get just the right tone of color on our printing presses or pushing our equipment to its limits to increase the embossing depth just a tiny bit more. And always we are talking to and collaborating with our clients.
This is really what it takes to make good looking, quality tins and we have awards to prove it. 2016 Gold Packaging Award at Crescent and Stars of Packaging, 2016 President's Award at Packaging Star of Asia and 2016 Packaging Award at WorldStar have been possible only because of this mindset.

And over the years tins have become a tradition in our family. On the next pager, you will find our story.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing.

Zeynep and Gokhan

Teksan Tin House’s brother and sister team, Zeynep and Gokhan, in the office
Zeynep and Gokhan, 2018
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