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  • Gokhan Aktas

Do Tins Keep Cookies Fresh?

During the pandemic, most of us had the chance to either learn new skills or use the ones we already had. A big portion of those skills had to do with the kitchen. So my social media feed was full of pictures of beautifully baked cookies fresh out of the oven. They all looked yummy and I am sure they tasted great too.

Chocolate cookies on a cooling rack

I can’t help but wonder what happens to them the next day or the day after though. I might be wrong but being more and more health-conscious each year, I am sure no one eats a big batch of cookies in one sitting. So we need to store them but how?

Well, first you have your soft cookies like chocolate chip, gingerbread (yes, they are supposed to be soft), peanut butter, and your crispy cookies like shortbread, Danish butter, and graham crackers. You have to store them separately. Otherwise soft cookies will get hard and crispy cookies will get soft and stale. It is weird but this has to do with the humidity in the ambient air.

Once your cookies totally cool down, get your favorite tin and place them inside. If you have different flavors and they are strong, you might want to place them in different tins so those flavors won’t seep into each other. Also if you are putting multiple layers of cookies, place parchment paper in between layers to prevent sticking. This way your cookies should stay fresh for one to two weeks at room temperature.

A  bunch of old colorful tins

There are a few reasons that make tins stand out when it comes to storing cookies. First of all, tins block sunlight which is important when preserving flavor for most food hence the need for pantries in houses. Also, tins don’t add any taste or smell to cookies. And most importantly tins cut down on air and humidity transfer a lot keeping the softness or the crispiness of your cookies. That’s why it is essential to keep the lids on.

There are also a few other reasons to use tins that will just make you feel good. When using tins, you are actually upcycling which is even better than recycling. And let’s be honest, tins are festive, pretty, and cute. Who wouldn’t love to receive a colorful tin filled with homemade cookies as a gift? If you are thinking of sending us some, our contact details are on the website.


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