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  • Gokhan Aktas

From Packaging to Treasure: Why Decorative Tins are Becoming Collectibles

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Over the years, I have been noticing how decorative tins were turning into collectible items as they aged. Most of these tins started their life as packaging for things like coffee, tea, candy, and cookies but ended up being extremely popular items for enthusiasts and collectors. Let’s look at what is behind this and how brands can use tins that will turn into collector items.

Caykur Tea Tin Manufactured by Teksan Teneke Kutu in 1976.

The main reason why decorative tins turn into collectibles is their age. Most of them are manufactured a long time ago with different technologies and usually a good level of craftsmanship. They also feature designs of their era that is quite different than now. They also become rarer in time which adds to their uniqueness increasing their value.

Another reason that these tin cans become collectors’ items is that they are usually associated with certain events or people. Most of the time, they are produced in limited quantities commemorating an occasion and people who have an emotional connection to that particular occasion collect them as a way of expressing that connection. For example, someone who is very proud of a certain historical achievement might enjoy displaying a tin that was specially produced for that event at their home.

Consumer brands can benefit from this trend by creating tins that will turn into collectibles later on. They can promote certain events, they can be in limited quantities and they can feature design elements specific to the time frame they are being produced in. This will give a reason for the consumers to buy their products and while they are collecting these tins, they will be more loyal customers of that brand.

A bunch of vintage tins

Creating collectible tins is also a way for brands to differentiate from the competition. Eye-catching designs and patterns will stand out on the shelves and attract customers. Also giving tins away as promotional items and combining those promotions with limited-time offers not only creates excitement among customers but also gives them something to look forward to.

Ensuring that your decorative tin will turn into a collector's item is easier said than done. First, you need to have a marketing strategy on how to use and distribute these tins. You also need to work with a professional that will come up with unique and visually appealing designs. And, the manufacturing of the tin should be high quality. When you do everything right, the outcome is more likely to be successful.

I think it would be fair to say that decorative tins are much more than just packaging for goods. In time, they usually turn into collectibles that hold historical significance. And brands can use decorative tins to create an emotional connection with their customers, increase brand exposure, and build brand loyalty. As a decorative tin manufacturer, we believe in the value of these collectibles and are proud to manufacture tins that will stand the test of time.

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