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  • Gokhan Aktas

What are the different types of metal packaging?

If you are following us on Instagram, you know that I traveled a lot last month. Two of those trips were for can-making conferences. The first one was the Canmaker Summit in Prague, Czech Republic and the second one was the Asia CanTech Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. There were a lot of topics that were discussed for different types of metal packaging. I was planning on sharing some of those with you. However, I realized that these “different types” might not be known by some of you. So I thought this was a good opportunity to go over them.

Both of these events also have their own packaging competitions. These competitions are set up in different categories. I thought this was a good way to break down the different types of tin cans. Otherwise, I could go all technical on you and have mini sub-categories but I won’t do that. Let’s start in alphabetical order.

Tin cans

Aerosol Cans

These are the metal containers that hold a substance under pressure and release the product through a tiny valve to create a mist or foam. Some examples are hair spray, spray paint, and deodorant cans. They are perfect for delivering the right amount of product at the right location.

Beverage Cans and Bottles

These are the cans and bottles used to hold a single serving of a drink. You can think of carbonated beverages, alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks. They are really good at reducing breakages as metal is tamper-resistant.

Closures, Ends, and Caps

A lot of different items are produced in this category. Some of these items would be twist-off lids on jars, crown corks on drink bottles, easy open ends on food cans, and peel-off ends on coffee cans. They aren’t only used as caps but they also add different functionality to the products they are used with.

Decorative tin cans

Decorative Cans

These are sometimes called specialty cans or custom tins. They are usually custom-made for different products and used to differentiate the product on the shelf, create brand awareness, make packaging a part of the brand experience and sometimes add functionality that isn’t possible with the standard can-making equipment. Some examples are mint tins, holiday tins, and chocolate tins. They are the go-to packaging if you want to elevate your brand to a higher level.

Food Cans

These are the airtight tin containers that go through a canning process after they are filled. These cans are used for products like tomato paste, soup, vegetables, and tuna. They are perfect at preserving food for a very long time without even needing refrigeration.

General Line Cans

Anything that isn’t in any other category of tin cans is usually in this category. Traditionally speaking most general line cans are used for products like chemicals, paint, and oil. Metal packaging provides different benefits for each product group in this category.

Paint cans

These are the main types of metal packaging. They are all infinitely recyclable and contribute to the circular economy. Our main focus as you all know is decorative tin manufacturing. And at one of these conferences, we got an award for one of our tins. To find out more about it, you will need to check out our Instagram profile, @teksantinhouse.

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