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  • Gokhan Aktas

The Essence of Teksan’s Approach: Building Lasting Relationships

At Teksan, we manufacture metal packaging or more specifically custom tin cans. While doing so, we are always building connections with people. For over 50 years, our journey has been shaped by the partnerships we have developed all over the world. And today, I want to dig into the value of feedback in creating these long-lasting cooperations.

Business partners high fiving

Listening: The First Step in Understanding

Listening is at the core of every relationship. To do that, not only do we keep in touch with you, our clients, continuously throughout the year but also we conduct a questionnaire annually for which we received an impressive 91% satisfaction score this year. This isn’t just a routine exercise for us. It is a commitment to our desire for continuous improvement. It also helps us understand your wants and needs to lead us going into the future.

Learning and Growing Together

The feedback we get from you and the score isn’t just data for us. It is what we use for growth. By constantly listening to you, we get invaluable insight into the direction we need to take. This collaborative approach combines your direction with ours and helps us adapt to your changing demands effectively. This way we get to grow together and enjoy many years of cooperation.

Transparency and Open Communication

Honesty is the key to communication. By sharing our satisfaction score openly, we show our commitment to being transparent with you and addressing your feedback. This type of honesty lays the solid foundation for the beginning of an everlasting relationship and open and honest communication moving forward.

Business partners fist bumping

Our Promise To You

At Teksan, we don’t just aim to meet your expectations but we are trying to exceed them. By actively asking for your feedback, we demonstrate our promise to you. Whether it is creating a custom tin can to your requirements or just providing exceptional customer support when you need it,  we will go above and beyond your expectations.

Celebrating Our Partnership

As we celebrate one more year of our shared successes, we extend our deepest gratitude to every single one of our clients. As we continue on this journey together, your feedback, trust, and loyalty have been the true signs of our success. Together we have built more than just business relationships. What we have is long-lasting partnerships that are built on mutual respect, transparency, and commitment to excellence in custom tin cans.

In conclusion, at Teksan, we know how important getting feedback is in nurturing relationships and we can’t thank you enough for filling out our questionnaires, answering our questions, and showing us the way. Through active listening and learning, we will strengthen our relationship and boost our mutual success. Thank you once again for your continued trust and collaboration and here is to many more years of shared projects together.

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