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  • Gokhan Aktas

Can Maker Chronicles: A Day in the Life of the Teksan Metal Packaging Team

Welcome to Teksan Tin House where each day is different than the previous one. They all have something in common though; creativity, precision, and collaboration. Join me, Gokhan, as I navigate a day in the operations of our family-owned can manufacturing business. I will walk you through the morning hues of our printing facility to the rhythmic hum of our can-making processes in the afternoon, and finally to our strategic hub of all of our operations in our office.

A clock on the wall

As the sun rises, things heat up in our printing facility literally and figuratively. Our technicians start the printing machines while the new raw material gets unloaded from trucks into our warehouse. Our printing chief leads the workflow of turning designs into art on metal. We are talking about ink choices, machine setup, and printing conditions that will all affect the printed designs. This is where creativity meets precision to achieve the desired result and lead the way to the afternoon’s can-making mastery.

We fast forward to the afternoon and dive deep into the can-making groove. Presses, seaming machines, slitters, and side lock seamers are turning the printed tin plates into small pieces of artwork. It is like a metal jam session in here where our operators run each machine separately but it all comes together like an orchestra.

After seeing production is moving along nicely, we now hit the offices. This is where the decisions are made, the materials are purchased, the staff is hired, the orders get the VIP treatment and everything else comes together. A few times a day, we break down planning and coordination and the secret sauce that keeps this metal packaging show running.

Four members of a workteam holding their arms together

I think we have to pause here for a second and talk about teamwork. It isn’t just the people or the machines but a combination of it all that is needed. That’s what’s called teamwork and collaboration. And that is the glue holding us together every day. I can guarantee you that there is no easy job and behind every can a multitude of challenges have been overcome, turning each piece into small victories of problem solving.

As much as it sounded like a wild ride today, it is very similar every day with new challenges and problems. Our days here are filled with creativity, precision, and collaboration. As we move forward in our lives, we are carrying the legacy of craftsmanship, dedication, and a promise to deliver better metal packaging. Thank you for joining us today. We will catch you on the flip side.

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